VIJIRAM TECH SOLUTIONS is an IT and Business Consultant that we are making an innovative thoughts and client’s satisfactory projects since 2016. We’re always looking for great folks to join us on our mission. We believe that our IT Experts and our youngtalents, marketing strategy and creative value system has supported us. We are providing qualified Services and Satisfactory assistance with our valuable clients. Our IT Expert Team has been providing a reasonable technical support and you can feel value of the project is money worthy services.

Our Skills

“Leveraging innovation and development" Vijiram Solutions was created with a strong drive to deliver the best. Our foremost goals are - Consistency - Performance - Innovation OUR SOLUTIONS MAKES OUR BUSINESS BETTER!!! Committed to superlative performance and seamless delivery of a wide range of customized solutions, we provide inclusive of product development process, application development, maintenance and more. In the last years, through continual growth and innovation, Vijiram has mastered a winning balance between Global delivery and Mutual Engineering. Right from faster innovative designs and products, one of Vijiram has received accolades from its large client base, Our proactive approach towards serving clients, by focusing on best-in-class delivery, facing challenges head-on and eliminating chatter and parochial assumptions has led us to where we are now. In order to consistently innovate, create and deliver solutions that far exceed clients’ expectations, we employ a framework of tough and robust internal processes that ensure security, quality and perfect on-time delivery.


Software Development


Web Development


Advertising & E-Services


Accounting Services

Art Of Coding

Our IT Experts has a specialized in coding language. Once we have all information about you, our creative designer.

Responsive Design

VIJIRAM Logo Designing believed to be the most important & difficult art to expertise perfect & creative manner.

Feature Reach

VIJIRAM Billing tracking as well as invoicing customers for services, products and Certificate offers.

Useful Documentation

Pocket Starter are used for automatic control of three phase motor starters

Fast Delivery

VIJIRAM website design and development that allows your brand voice to shine

Customer Satisfaction

VIJIRAM team has given highly priority for our Customer Satisfaction of their works